Understanding emotion is key to a good business relationship

Emotions wind their way through every facet of our daily lives. They drive our decisions and moderate our state of mind, some might argue especially when it comes to savings and investments. Anger, fear, happiness and sadness can all come with the customer into meetings or as they read communications from you, and these feelings […]

Redrawing the advice map

A Financial adviser in conversation with her client

The joint policy paper on the advice guidance boundary from HMT and the FCA is trying to find new ways to persuade the industry to create what the FCA refers to as a ‘continuum of support’ for customers. Here are some of our reflections on whether or not the latest proposals will help customers access […]

Breaking down SDR – what it means to the industry and its customers

A pillar with a poster satying 'planet earth first' - a reminder of how important SDR regulation is

It has felt like an advent calendar of regulatory announcements in the last couple of weeks – covering everything from money market funds, the offshore funds regime and guiding principles around anti-greenwashing to the UK’s SDR policy statement. The latest SDR announcement Pretty much everyone in the industry would agree that the UK needs a […]

Bringing finance to life for customers

A computer generated design of a hand to signify bringing to life

If anyone was still labouring under the misapprehension that the end of July provided some sort of closure on Consumer Duty work (for those firms without closed books at least), Nisha Arora’s speech on 1 November made very clear that the FCA does not view this as a ‘once and done exercise’. In fact, if […]

The dawn of a new era – embedding Consumer Duty into BAU

A man reads his investment literature

When the FCA published its final guidance on the new Consumer Duty just over a year ago, few firms would have fully grasped the scale and scope of work needed to hit today’s implementation deadline, in order to evidence that they are providing good outcomes for consumers against the FCA’s four key pillars. Customer Understanding […]

Consumer Duty – our perceptions of an industry working hard to comply

A group of colleagues in suits, in an office, working

As July’s Consumer Duty deadline approaches, firms are looking to move from project delivery to incorporating the Duty into their business as usual. Albeit, while ploughing ahead with this transition, firms are still grappling with exactly what is expected of them by the regulator. Based on our current slew of Consumer Duty projects, our events, […]

A worrying lack of preparation for retirement

a couple trying to prepare their finances for retirement

Our latest research into the attitudes of the 55-75-year-old cohort has shone a clear light on a worrying lack of preparation for retirement that is impacting those reaching retirement age. Our Great Retirement Study demonstrates that there is no playbook for how to approach retirement as flexi-retirement, ill health and a lack of DB pensions […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Retired, but young woman on a bench, enjoying life

As I look to celebrate International Women’s Day with an afternoon invite to Downing Street and an evening with the shadow Chancellor, I hope you are all feeling empowered by the women you are or that you have in your lives. Progress has been made on closing the gender gap, but there’s been no shortage […]

What does SDR labelling mean for consumers?

SDR labelling for consumers

Like much of the industry, TWC’s start to 2023 has been dominated by Consumer Duty-related projects. Amongst all of that noise, however, we haven’t forgotten that there are other regulatory initiatives underway. The FCA’s latest consultation on the UK version of the Sustainable Disclosure Regime (sustainable labels for financial products) closed towards the end of […]

Prioritisation and proportionality for Consumer Duty

A screenshot of a live webinar: consumer duty, practical advice

As firms started the year grappling with internal action plans aimed at meeting the impending Consumer Duty deadlines, we held a webinar that provided insight on The Investment Association’s thinking and talked about some of the practical challenges firms face – including the thorny issue of Consumer Understanding, which runs through every aspect of the […]

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