About us

We are the Wisdom Council – we deliver consumer insight to the financial services sector. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to a secure financial future and so through our insight we strive towards a financial services sector that works for all.

The work we do drives towards a sustainable finance industry, in which previously underserved customers understand how long-term savings and investments can help them.

Putting customers at the heart of what you do

Each part of the financial services value chain has an important part to play, that’s why we draw on deep industry expertise, as well as B2B insight, to help shape strategic decision making that reflects the needs and expectations of institutional investors and distributors, driving improved governance and commercial impact.

For 10 years, we have been industry pioneers in putting customers at the heart of decision making. Our proprietary research has been a catalyst for targeting hard-to-reach audiences with financial products they know little or nothing about. We are trusted by the FCA and the Investment Association to bring the voice of the customer to the decision-making table.

Our own research community, The Wise Society, is a 1,500-member strong forum. We panel the community on a weekly basis, taking their pulse on the latest issues facing consumers. As well as our communities we’re constantly finding new ways and technologies to understand human behaviour.

Bringing the industry together

Collaboration is at the core of all we do – bringing the industry together to learn from each other; providing thought leadership through our participation on industry boards, gender networks and judging panels. And collaboration is key in the way we engage the industry’s consumers – be that institutional investors or retail customers.

We oversee the Women’s Product Forum – a Chatham-House-rules network, which sees senior product colleagues come together to discuss industry regulation and trends. The network aims to achieve cross-industry collaboration on issues that suit all firms large or small.

What we do

We partner with in-house insight teams, or act as stand-alone consultants to help you undertake qualitative and quantitative research with consumers to get to the heart of the issues they face as they intersect with financial products.

Our work can support you in the development of your next generation products and services, and is split across three pillars: governance, innovation and communities. Whether you work with Private Clients, Retail Clients, are an asset manager or in the wealth management field, we can support the work you do to realise your strategic objectives.

Contact us

We draw on deep industry expertise, insight and our independent perspective to develop the tools you need to make savings and investments more accessible to all.

Get in touch to find out how, together, we can deliver financial products and services that your client wants and needs.

The Wisdom Council

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