The Great Retirement Report

Sharing the findings of our latest Collaborative Study, The Wisdom Council is pleased to publish The Great Retirement Report. The qualitative and quantitative research, carried out in Q4 2022, aimed to uncover the attitudes and behaviours of the 55-75-year-old cohort.

Our 30-page report offers you an in-depth look at our findings, and the six-persona segmentation output. Chapters include:

What is Retirement – what are people looking forward to or most concerned about?;
The Changing World of Work – how retirement is a process and not an event;
Financial Preparedness – people’s unrealistic financial expectations and the absence of planning;
An Introduction to our Six Segmentsr;
Bridging the Gap – the demand and need for better advice.;
Find out more about how you should be engaging this wealthy but complex cohort.

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