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Financial services specialists

Financial services specialists We are sector specialists with a passion for customer engagement and treating customers fairly.

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Creating client councils

We build a direct relationship between firms and their customers to deliver a steady and intelligent flow of insight.

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Working across the value chain

Every link in the value chain has an important role to play in improving outcomes for customers.


ESG: Are retail investors being left behind?


by Josh Blundell, Head of Research and Operations

There can be no arguing about the explosion of ESG or responsible investing in the past few years. The emergence of a dedicated publication such as ESG Clarity is testament to that. But the facts are…

Innovation. Collaboration. Inclusion


by Anna Lane, CEO |

Although the year so far is not proving hugely different to 2020, on a personal note I am extremely proud to be kicking off 2021 as President and CEO of Women in Banking and Finance (WIBF). A non-for-profit, volunteer-led network…