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Proud to be a Certified B Corp since 2023

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We listen to thousands of financial services’ customers weekly

We deliver insight to the financial services sector. And for 10 years we have been industry pioneers in putting customers at the heart of decision making – be that institutional investors or retail customers. We use a powerful combination of innovative research techniques and traditional qualitative methods to get to the heart of issues they face as they intersect with financial products

Truly bringing the client’s perspective into focus allows firms to deliver financial products and services that best meet their clients’ needs, all while achieving sustainable, commercial success.

Consumer Duty

The Consumer Duty puts in place challenges and opportunities for firms as they act to deliver good outcomes for their customers. We’re experts in putting customers at the heart of the Financial Services industry, we can help support your Consumer Duty work as you embed your learnings into BAU.

The FCA will be looking for Board-level monitoring of a firm’s performance against the Four Outcomes, and we have a range of solutions to continue to help you evidence that you consider the customer in all you do. From sentiment trackers and proposition development to understanding legacy books and testing key communication documents, we can deliver the insight you need. 

Delivering insight through


Delivering fair outcomes

Helping you to understand and measure what good looks likes so that you can evidence good outcomes and embrace regulatory change. Embedding the voice of the customer in your governance framework for long-lasting change.


Inspiring change

We bring agility and fresh ideas to age-old problems you’d like to solve. We are constantly finding new ways to understand human behaviour and share this with the industry, to better inform their products, distribution strategies and marketing.


Listen, learn, improve

Forming the strategic architecture you need to become more customer-centric. By regularly listening to your customers, via a community, you can implement insight and maximise returns.

About us

We built careers in the world’s leading financial services companies before moving into consultancy. Our specialist team work right across the financial services value chain, embedding the voice of your customer, whether that’s a retail banker or an institutional investor.

We partner with in-house insight teams, or act as stand-alone consultants to help you undertake qualitative and quantitative research and deliver that insight to your teams.

The work we do drives towards a sustainable finance industry and that’s why we’re on a journey to becoming B-Corp.

A sustainable finance industry

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to a secure financial future, that’s why we strive to make financial products and services fairer and more accessible to all.

We want positive outcomes for the planet and its people. Much of  the work we do supports the transition to a sustainable finance framework. The flow of capital in the economy will be a critical lever for change. But we also care about extending the reach of financial services and making it more inclusive.

Latest thoughts and insights

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We draw on deep industry expertise, insight and our independent perspective to develop the tools you need to make savings and investments more accessible to all.

Get in touch to find out how, together, we can deliver financial products and services that your client wants and needs.

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