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Financial services specialists

Financial services specialists We are sector specialists with a passion for customer engagement and treating customers fairly.

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Creating client councils

We build a direct relationship between firms and their customers to deliver a steady and intelligent flow of insight.

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Working across the value chain

Every link in the value chain has an important role to play in improving outcomes for customers.


Innovation. Collaboration. Inclusion


by Anna Lane, CEO |

Although the year so far is not proving hugely different to 2020, on a personal note I am extremely proud to be kicking off 2021 as President and CEO of Women in Banking and Finance (WIBF). A non-for-profit, volunteer-led network…

Does investing need a rebrand?


by Anna Lane, CEO |

A glance at the latest HMRC ISA statistics shows that four in five accounts opened are cash ISAs. And everything that I have seen this year would lead me to believe that this ratio, which has been very consistent in…