The Wise Society

Getting you closer to your customers

Our ‘always on’ proprietary community of retail savers and investors generates consumer insights that shape market-leading strategies that can respond to what people want and need.

Taking the pulse

The Wise Society is a 1,500-member strong forum and growing. Members range from non investors, through retail and advised investors, to high net worth individuals. 

We engage members through polls, surveys, discussion rooms and forums on all manner of zeitgeist topics – from what’s in the headlines to how they feel about comms, brands and products.

The Wise Society is our way of making sure that we always have our finger on the pulse of what investors are thinking and doing – from crypto through to the transfer of wealth.

Clients across the wealth and asset management industry subscribe to The Wise Society and recieve a quarterly report, packed with insight.


Insights from your target market

From informing the development of new propositions to diagnosing pain points in customer journeys, The Wise Society gives you instant access to prospects or proxy customers from your target markets.

Through research with our community you can evidence and generate insights to inform:

  • Critical communications – test and validate communications that will ensure customers meet their financial objectives. Test VAS documents, KIID, fact sheets, Corporate Action letters, and more.
  • Marketing strategies – validate marketing collateral, which are critical to engaging the right audience. We can test creative via heatmaps, or understand what messages resonate most.
  • Customer experience – explore customer expectations and define what good looks like for each of your customer segments.
  • Product development and distribution – use insights from The Wise Society to support the product lifecycle and inform the direction of future products and services.

Join dozens of firms and industry bodies in using The Wise Society to glean the perfect insight for your product or communication development.

Contact us

We draw on deep industry expertise, insight and our independent perspective to develop the tools you need to make savings and investments more accessible to all.

Get in touch to find out how, together, we can deliver financial products and services that your client wants and needs.

The Wisdom Council

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