Our Services

We work with financial services firms to help them address a range of product development, regulatory, digital and client communications challenges.

Investment and wealth management firms face a myriad of challenges from compressed margins to regulatory scrutiny. Against this background firms are increasingly aware of the benefits of bringing the voice of the customer into their business strategy from an early stage – whether that’s as part of their planning processes, product and service proposition development or ongoing product review.

We are best known for pioneering investment product testing in support of product governance, and for our client councils and advisory boards – but our expertise spans the development of effective marketing and sales strategies, proposition development and guidance on communication strategies.

Product governance and ongoing suitability

We develop intelligent and enduring solutions to help investment and wealth managers meet the requirements of the FCA’s conduct agenda as it relates to the design and distribution of new and existing products and services. Our work helps our clients engage more effectively with their customers and distributors, bringing products and services to market that are appealing and presented effectively.

The conduct risk agenda has increased scrutiny of how firms design, operate and sell products. Our solution embeds customers in the product design process including assessing whether the target consumers’ needs were taken into account in the product design; whether marketing materials clearly articulate the product risks and characteristics; whether there is sufficient product oversight and monitoring of practical outcomes for customers; and whether distribution strategies are appropriate.

Digital Wealth Propositions

‘Build it and they will come’ no longer rings true, no more so than for online investment and advice propositions. Customers need to be engaged, to be taken through processes that are simple, quick and that they genuinely understand. The Wisdom Council conduct regular user experience testing that goes beyond the traditional digital user experience to examine the role of investor outcomes, suitability, customer understanding and potential detriment.

Pensions and Retirement planning

The retirement landscape is shifting dramatically. Employers and their advisers face considerable challenges engaging employees in schemes and supporting them through a dizzying array of pre-retirement options. In addition, there is growing disquiet that compulsion at low levels and an overuse of default funds are lulling scheme members into a false sense of security. The Wisdom Council is able to help scheme providers and advisers engage scheme members and ascertain appropriate and effective ways to ensure they are treated fairly and that they achieve the outcomes they truly want and need.