Social and environmental responsibility is here to stay

The UK conversation around responsible living, travel, eating, fashion – through most areas of our lives – has become broader, more mature and more nuanced.

And this is driving action.

Don’t believe the cynics – this will translate into the world of investments

Research conducted by TWC in 2017 started to indicate that people who display more responsible purchase behaviours also make more responsible financial purchase decisions. We want to explore this further.

In our view, it is a matter of time until responsibility considerations form a central part of the investment trade-off for UK investors. The forthcoming introduction (through MiFID II) of ESG considerations to the suitability assessment will further drive this forward.

As an industry we need to deliver – let’s bring the end investor back into the room

The investent industry is embracing responsible approaches to investment. ESG is becoming hygiene, sustainability narratives are forming a key part of sales and marketing activity.

But it’s so often developed and delivered through a thick industry lens that there is a real risk that we get it wrong, see accusations of greenwashing rise and damage trust (already at a premium).

The Wisdom Council’s 2020 Responsible Investment Research will help manufacturers and distributors of investment products get this right by exploring:

The social conversation and themes that galvanise the end-investor
Attitudes towards sustainability and the extent to which sustainability is starting to influence financial purchase decisions
Consumer expectations from a responsible investment solution and brand
The role that responsibility/sustainability plays in the perceived  trade-offs that people are willing to make when investing

Our collaborative project will reach beyond traditional research techniques and utilise a unique combination of:

AI-driven online public data scraping and social media listening
In-depth qualitative conversations
Sophisticated, large-scale online studies incorporating behavioural finance and experimental testing with UK consumers – delivered through TWC’s proprietary Personal Survey Bot: ‘Kit’

The Wisdom Council are looking to speak to firms who have placed a strategic priority on responsible investment in 2020. If you would like to hear more about this unique project, please get in touch.

Josh Blundell

Head of Research and Operations
T: +44 (0)20 3946 7487

*TWC survey with n=500 nationally representative UK respondents