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Communities allow customer-centric thinking and approach to doing business. Ensuring customer understanding is a key part of board-level reporting in light of Consumer Duty – regular touchpoints with your clients are key ways of gaining this insight.

Examples of our work

We offer a number of services that allow you to take the pulse of your investors, or would-be investors. Take a look at some examples below, and please get in touch if you would like to discuss these projects or one of your own in further detail.

Adviser community

Our client

A large, vertically-integrated wealth manager

Their challenge

Formalise and embed adviser insight into the business to help inform product and service developments and improve the adviser, and ultimately client, experience and outcomes.

Our approach

We built, and continue to manage a programme of B2B audience consultation, including managing a dedicated, client-branded online platform with their adviser community. We help to plan and implement the consultation programme, conduct quantitative and qualitative research, offer an independent perspective on challenges and feedback via regular insight reports, supporting the client in the delivery of the initiative’s tactical and strategic objectives.


The consultation programme is bringing the central business functions closer to the experience of advisers. This allows identified priorities to better inform developments to adviser, and client, products and services.

Client community

Our client

A large, market-leading UK-based asset manager

Their challenge

Establishing and maintaining a strong customer centric culture, our client needed the tools to embed the voice of the customer across the business.

Our approach

To meet our client’s objectives, we built, and continue to manage three large-scale communities, two with customers and one with financial advisers. We work as an extension of their insight team to track customer and adviser sentiment, to design research activities, moderate community discussions and deliver regular insight reports to stakeholders from across the business. Communities are client branded and offer excellent customer experience.


Online and face-to-face interaction with customers and advisers has created a positive feedback loop, strengthened our client’s brand and helped our client and their advisers better understand the needs and expectations of their customers.

Pop-up community

Our client

A government pension fund

Their challenge

Our client wanted to gauge understanding and awareness of their RI strategy among their current investors. In addition to monitoring current understanding, they also wanted to learn how they could better interact and engage with investors going forward.

Our approach

We invited more than 200 members to be part of an ‘Ideas Hub’, a community-based platform. During their time on the platform, investors exchanged opinions and understanding of the pension fund and its current RI strategy. They also completed a series of tasks, to help better inform the pension fund regarding customer attitudes.


The ‘Ideas Hub’ allowed our client to gain some incredibly rich insight from their customers, which they embedded into communications and which helped guide their evolving investment strategy. Overall, we had some amazing feedback from participants – showcasing the benefit to both parties of engaging with members.

“Online communities are easy, fresh and energetic. We engaged with our pension scheme members on our new responsible investment strategy – we’ve had calls and emails from members saying it was fantastic!

And, as an organisation, we learned a great deal about our communications, what worked well, what didn’t and how we can improve.”


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We draw on deep industry expertise, insight and our independent perspective to develop the tools you need to make savings and investments more accessible to all.

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