Our Councils

We design and manage consumer councils that build dialogue between businesses and a range of customers, embedding engagement in their business strategy, product development and marketing.

Councils can be own-branded or firms can access The Wise Society, our proprietary council of individual investors which is fast becoming the definitive source for topical and extensive insight on investment and wider customer attitudes and buying behaviours.


Client Councils offer a range of benefits over traditional panel research

  • Insight into how customers make investment decisions and select financial products, and a greater appreciation of their level of financial understanding, risk appetite and confidence.
  • Continuity by building on previous experiences and retaining learning
  • Innovation in product and proposition design using the forum as a springboard, solidly-based on customer collaboration
  • Efficiency across research programmes as a Council delivers quality information, insight and analysis more quickly and efficiently than traditional, far less productive approaches – particularly important for firms who want to build client insight into technology sprints and fix strategies
  • Collaboration across brands and segments, and accommodating multiple stakeholder requirements for client feedback across business functions
  • Engagement with customers and stakeholders


The Wise Society

If you’re a customer and want to make a positive difference in financial services join ‘The Wise Society’.

If you’re someone who uses financial services – an investor, pensioner, user of insurance or banking products, we invite you to join us. Why not make sure your voice is heard? By joining The Wise Society you’ll get the opportunity to help shape how the financial services industry helps us all to save more, invest with confidence, plan for our retirement and protect our family’s financial futures.

Wise Society members are invited to take part in a range of diverse insight activities across the year from in person research interviews and online polls to workshops and discussion groups. Membership doesn’t mean you need to join in every activity but the more you do, the more you are rewarded – through entry into prize draws, invitations to thank you events or other rewards.

As part of The Wise Society, you will also have access to exclusive research updates, articles and other information.

Any information you give us is held in total confidence and is only ever used for research purposes.

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Adviser Council

We’re actively inviting financial advisers to join our Adviser Council, offering advisers the opportunity to ensure the products that firms create are suitable for them and their clients, and are delivered in the most appropriate way.

Membership benefits for advisers include:
  • The opportunity to voice your opinion and shape future business strategy, product and service design
  • The inside track on new product development initiatives
  • Access to unique industry insights
  • Financial incentives for taking part in research (all of which is reported on an anonymous basis)
  • Good networking opportunities with other advisory firms, platforms and asset managers to develop new propositions and business opportunities
  • Contributing to research used in dialogue with the FCA on key industry issues
  • A transparent and collaborative working relationship with The Wisdom Council
  • No obligations; we only want you to engage in projects that suit and interest you
  • No minimum level of engagement required. We are very flexible, and work around what suits you

If you are interested in our Adviser Council we would love to talk to you. To join or if you would like more information, please contact Dawn.Hyams@thewisdomcouncil.com.